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Braun 340

$70.00 Released December, 2008

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Recharge time is fast, around 5 minutes. Well balanced, weight feels maneuverable in your hand. Grip remains non-slip even when wet.

The Cons:Doesn't cut thick, tough beards very well. Won't work while plugged in, needs to be charged first.

The Braun 340 is a cordless, foil electric shaver that features a precision shaver head designed to provide an effective shave, even in hard-to-shave areas. An upgrade from the Series 1 Braun 150, the Braun 340 also includes a unique foil pattern that utilizes a 3-state cutting system to capture hairs growing from different directions for a closer shave in fewer strokes.

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In addition, the Braun 350 sports an environmentally friendly rechargeable battery with a 60 minute battery-recharge time, a 5 minute quick-charge, and a 50 minute (versus 30 minute) cordless operation run time. The Braun 350 also comes equipped with a long hair trimmer, a visual charging indicator, a cleaning brush, and a traveling case. The Braun 340 is priced at $69.99, a $30 increase from the Braun 150.


  • Quick-Charge: 5 Min
  • Battery-Recharge Time: 1 Hour
  • Cordless Operation: 50 Min
  • Environmentally Friendly Cells: 2 x NiMh
  • Visual Indicators: Charging light
  • Color: Silver black

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    recharge time is fast, around 5 minutes

  • 1

    well balanced, weight feels maneuverable in your hand

  • 1

    grip remains non-slip even when wet

  • 1

    all controls easily accessible with the thumb

  • 1

    don't need to use the base, can just be charged with it laying down - fewer things to carry while travelling

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    blades are easy to wash, entire unit is shower-friendly

  • 1

    doesn't cut thick, tough beards very well

  • 1

    won't work while plugged in, needs to be charged first

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